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When Life In Your Way came back from hiatus in 2011, people were really supportive.  It was actually overwhelming in the best kind of way.  After Kingdoms came out, we did some limited shows regional shows and then played at a Sandy Hook fundraiser…and then, we kind of went silent… in fact, we didn’t really say much of anything until we posted the teaser video this past May.  If we’re honest, when we posted that video, we didn’t even really know what exactly would be coming in 2017, but we knew that we needed to make the commitment to our loyal fans that something would be coming.

The assumption of many after the long silence of 2013 is that the band broke up.  This is not true.

When we returned in 2011, we know that we would not be doing as much as we once had (see 2003-2008) but we also knew that there was much more life in the band (very punny).  Rather than “breaking up” in 2013 after the Sandy Hook benefit, we just went silent.

This isn’t a comeback

A comeback is preceded by an end, and since we never broke up, this isn’t a comeback.

While we were once silent, now we have something to say.  We always planned to do more as a band, and now that we know what that is, we’re glad to be active now and in the days ahead.  

We were also really glad to play at the most recent Souled Out Fest this past weekend with Every Time I Die and Bear Tooth (Special fist bump to promoter Jeff Menig for being the man–Thanks for being a mad man Jeff!).

But here’s the real announcement:  We’re writing a new record.  Josh made the announcement in a recent exclusive interview with Revolver Magazine.

We don’t know what this new record is called yet, but we do know that directionally it’s a combination of throwback LIYW and new soundscapes that we’ve not yet explored.  We can say that as we get older, are influenced by new things in life, and have families of our own, our influences have changed drastically and this has sparked much new creativity and inspiration for us… what we’re trying to say is, we’re excited and inspired.

Last, but certainly not least, we are doing a CT show in early December.  We plan to release all information about this within the next few days.

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Salty Grave – Live at Souled Out Fest 10/29/2016